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Gozer's got a wordle!


... just like everybody else. Looks like everybody is doing it, so here is my wordle

Gozer's Wordle

Trying out slideshare


More and more now, I've noticed folks posting their talk slides on SlideShare. I've decided to give it a try and post one of my talks over there and see how it goes. If it sees decent traffic, I'll probably post all my slides over there too.

Packing what little I need, then heading down across the border to Burlington, VT. In the morning, I am on a flight to Atlanta, Georgia. Destination, ApacheCon 2007 US.

See you there!

ApacheCon 2006 US is about to begin


I am awake and about to head down to the registration desk to officially kick off the conference. Somehow, I think this picture from Ted Leung I just noticed in my flickr stream sums it all up very nicely.

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