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That's just too bad. The building we live in will be shutting down power for some electrical maintenance tonight. Why do I care ? Well, because I have this trusty OpenBSD Firewall that's been humming along in a closet forever. Well, not forever, but almost.

[root@dorsk root]# uname -a ; uptime
OpenBSD 3.7 GENERIC#50 i386 11:59PM
up 784 days, 10:51, 1 user, load averages: 0.86, 0.64, 0.48
[root@dorsk root]# shutdown -p -h now
Shutdown NOW!
*** FINAL System shutdown message from
*** System going down IMMEDIATELY
System shutdown time has arrived

Oh well, can't be helped. Go OpenBSD, GO!


Apparently, I've got to do like everybody else it would seem. However, I wrote the shell-foo the way I would have written it.

$> history | awk {'print $2'} | sort | uniq -c | sort -k1 -rn | head
  770   vi 
  692   ls 
  491   svn 
  381   perl 
  256   make 
   83   cat 
   75   grep 
   72   ssh 
   70   rm 
   56   rpmbuild 
Vi, Subversion, Perl & make, yup, that sounds like me on productive days. ssh feels lower than it should be though.

Done with my talks!


I've just finished presenting my 2 talks at ApacheCon 2006 US and it went really well. I was presenting one old talk, and a brand new one and they both drew a good crowd. Overall, I am quite pleased, with a few little tweaks I want to make to my slides for next time.

For those that might want to see what I was talking about, you can figure it out from:

Or just find it yourself from the Talk section of my website

One think I simply can't pass up was that I noticed there were 2 PHP guys I knew in the back of the room during my Profiling talk:

And they had nothing bad to say about my talk ;-) Thanks!

And I lied during my talk, saying Apache2::Instrument was on CPAN, well, sorry, but i've just uploaded it now, sorry for the bugs and the documentation (or lack of).

ApacheCon 2006 US is about to begin


I am awake and about to head down to the registration desk to officially kick off the conference. Somehow, I think this picture from Ted Leung I just noticed in my flickr stream sums it all up very nicely.

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