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Markus Stange's tinderboxpushlog


I was just recently pointed at How Markus Made the World Better Today by davida in #maildev today, and I just couldn't help myself.

Thankfully, it's a pure-javascript webapp, with no dependency on anything but itself. So, I just grabbed the html/js/css files and I had something up in no time. Of course, it didn't work at all, but that was a small detail.

A few fixups later, I had it working and taught it about the 2 Thunderbird trees, and Sunbird, while I was at it.

Originally, it used a PHP script to proxy/massage stuff back to tinderbox.mozilla.org and hg.mozilla.org, but since my PHP-foo is weak, and I didn't have the source code to actual PHP, I did without. A few httpd.conf changes later, and it was all working.

It's a really nice alternate way to look at the status of a tree. Have a look for yourself!


The original one is here: http://tests.themasta.com/tinderboxpushlog/
The Thunderbird one is here: http://build.mozillamessaging.com/tinderboxpushlog/

I've cloned Markus Stange's original mercurial repository. You can find my clone at hg.mozilla.org too.

Note: Yes, the whole code was in Mercurial to begin with, I just didn't even look for it until after I had it all working, dhu!

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