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eLOM is dead, long live iLOM!


From the great c0t0d0s0 blog comes the news that Sun is working on an amazing upgrade to eLOM based systems, like the Sun X4150 we are using. Soon I'll be able to upgrade them to a real Lights-out-manager solution: iLOM.

iLOM is what's running on their Opteron-based systems, like the Sun 4500 (aka Thumper), and it's miles ahead of eLOM. Can't wait to have iLOM everywhere, instead of the current mixture of eLOM and iLOM.

Unfortunately, to perform the upgrade, you need to take the servers down... Can't have it all, I guess. Fortunately, since we are already fully redundant, it shouldn't cause visible downtime at all. All our build machines will just pause for a few seconds, and reappear on a different VM Host. Stay tuned, I'll blog about how the upgrade actually goes when it's finally available.

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