toirneach éan

toirneach ean

I've been recently working on bug 449202: Get Thunderbird L10N builds working on comm-central. It's been mostly about using KaiRo's existing work for SeaMonkey and s/SeaMonkey/Thunderbird/g in the right places.

Ran into a few more problems, mostly my fault, and some having to do with the way the MoCo build network is setup.

Turns out it's also fairly complex to test this stuff, as the current setup relies on notifiers kicking on changes to the l10n repositories, so triggering a l10n build on purpose is a bit tricky. Instead, it was simpler to just wait for somebody to change something in one of the many l10n repositories and see what happens.

Well, I am happy to report that the first localized build of Thunderbird since the move to Mercurial has been produced and can be downloaded. It's only a single build, and for Windows, but more will follow as the normal churn in l10n repositories will trigger some more.

Then, the fun begins tonight, as the nightly builders should trigger a build of all of Thunderbird supported locales in one go. So, by tomorrow morning, we should have tons (43 locales per platform, to be precise) of new localized builds waiting for us, sweet!

Oh, and in case you had been wondering, the first successfull build is here. I think it's pretty cool that the first locale that successfully build turned out to be ga-IE, so that will explain the topic of this post. Hopefully, somebody from that locale will understand the title (and apologies if I butchered your language, feel free to correct me please)

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